ADELA Área de Estudios Latinoamericanos

The Latin American Studies Department (ADELA) brings together several programs (teaching, research, and training)  focused on the analysis of the problems and on the communication of knowledge and experiences of modern-day Latin America. The specificity of the Department resides in the focus on Latin America, understood as a rich collection of experiences and learnings to project to the world, within the framework of the language and culture, the regional similarities, and the determinants and social processes that characterize it.

In the other hand, ADELA has a long history of receiving international students and managing intercultural educational exchange programs. The Department offers a strong academic framework that attracts students and engages faculty. It’s  20-year experience as an organizational leader in study abroad gives a solid expertise to provide customized programs with flexible dates and programs range in length from two weeks to a full semester

The Program Development Process


Consultation and Program Design

Our distinguished faculty and staff will engage you in a continuous discussion to help determine and prioritize your goals for the program and build a schedule that maximizes the time on-site. Together, we can identify the right participants (in terms of level of leadership and roles) and make-up of the class (cross-functional or within teams) for each kind of program. The timeframe and format of the program will depend on what would be ideal for the scope of the topic and schedule of your organization.

There are several models in which the academic section can be displayed. For example:

  • Faculty-directed: Programs directed on-site by a faculty member from your institution who delivers the core academic components.
  • Hybrid: Your faculty-directed program that also includes an academic piece provided by ADELA in the same location
  • 100% on-site based customized Program: We create a program that meets your academic requirements and provides a fully immersive and cultural experience
  • Spanish Language-based programs


Learning Methodology and Content

Our faculty, who are experts in their respective fields, run interactive sessions to bring out the most of your learning experience. The sharing of lessons among participants and networking opportunities with thought leaders from different sectors enrich our program content. The selected program faculty team will provide frameworks for rigorous policy analysis and problem-solving, as well as highly customized leadership and management development processes. Their approach is comparative, highlighting international best practices. Examples of potential topics include:

  • Anthropology
  • Business
  • Community Service and Volunteerism
  • Economics of Public Policy Analysis
  • Energy and Society
  • Environmental Policy Analysis
  • Gender & Ethnicity
  • Human Rights and Social Movements
  • International Education & Interculturality
  • Intercultural Communications
  • Latin American Literature & Cinema
  • Latin America in the International Scene
  • Performing Arts
  • Policy in the Internet Era
  • Public Health
  • Public Leadership and Management
  • Regional Integration
  • Tango: Theory and Practice of its Manifestations
  • Visual Art


Experiential Learning

Each program might be conceived for the classroom to be Buenos Aires city, allowing students to enjoy a holistic experience that transcends the academic and cultural exchange and allows enrichment. We design academic courses with a range of co-curricular cultural activities such as field observation, visits to sites of interest related to the course topics, the possibility of dialoguing with special guests, access to interviews with specialists, among others, providing the student with a genuine added value to the classroom material.


Program Location

Our programs are delivered at FLACSO – Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales- (Tucuman 1966, Buenos Aires City, Argentina), the right location to reinforce the academic focus. We offer an academic atmosphere and modern facilities. Our faculty can also travel to conduct international programs. Professional interpretation and translation of materials may also be included in the program.


Post-program evaluation

During and after the program, faculty and staff will conduct in-depth program evaluation to determine if program goals have been met or are on target.


Spanish Language

ADELA seeks to develop a space for instruction, research, and training in Spanish as a Foreign Language, capturing the strategic importance of Spanish the regional language of development and integration.


Spanish Language In Context

We design language and cultural immersion programs specifically for the lingüistic needs of the group. All programs combine intensive coursework in English as a Second Language and cultural excursions. Classes cover a variety of topics including English language, American Culture and academic skills. Dates are flexible and programs range in length from two weeks to a full semester.


Teacher Trainings

Our customized teacher trainings in Spanish as a Foreign Language are designed to produce the best teachers in primary, secondary and university-level education.

On-site Services

ADELA provides your choice of a range of on-site support services for your students enrolled at your exchange partner institutions abroad or attending local universities with whom your institution has a direct relationship.

  • Advising  for student Visa
  • Orientation Sessions: Health & Safety Information, Local navigation, Introduction to Buenos Aires, Argentina Culture & Habits, Academic orientation
  • Airport pickup and drop-off
  • Classroom facilities & Computer lab, wi-fi, individual offices for faculties
  • Housing: Homestays, hotels, hostels or private residence
  • Cultural Activities: Welcome Dinner, Co-curricular excursions in and around Buenos AIres to complement courses and immerse you in the history and culture of the city
  • Field trips and Day Excursions
  • 24/7 emergency support services