The Program for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences in LASA and NAFSA

The research team of the Program for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences of ADELA – (Area of Latin American Studies) FLACSO participated in NAFSA (Association of International Educators) and LASA (Latin American Studies Association) presenting the results of their research in the field of  International Education on interculturalism.

On its 50th anniversary, LASA organized its annual conference in New York, bringing together specialists and institutions from around the world and experts on the subject of Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

The Program of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences’research team presented these topics on May 27th on the panel “Study Abroad, politics and social participation: opportunities  and challenges of the internationalization of education” with Mauricio Paredes of Syracuse University and Hector Feliciano Cruz of CET Academic Programs.

The topics presented are the result of research that is being conducted in the field of International Education related to interculturalism. Karina Felitti (UBA-CONICET-ADELA researcher), who also was the panel’s coordinator, presented her paper “Machismo: Engaging the body in international education”. Fernando Fischman (UBA-CONICET-ADELA researcher) presented his paper “Between immersion, intercultural and prejudice: The international students’ perception of cultural diversity” and Andrea Rizzotti (CIEE-ADELA – FLACSO researcher) and Leandro Gómez (CIEE-ADELA – FLACSO researcher) presented “Study Abroad and social participation: saving the world?”

Mauricio Paredes, a special guest from Syracuse University, discussed the military dictatorships in Latin America and the approach to these issues in the content of the curricula of international education programs. The title of his presentation was “Building symmetries in the historical and political interpretation of the Chilean dictatorship: United States and the Cold War in a multi – causal stage.” Meanwhile, Hector Feliciano Cruz M of CET Academic Programs provided constructive and valuable feedback on the presentations.



NAFSA conducted its annual conference and exhibition in the city of Denver, USA: “Building Capacity for Global Learning”.

NAFSA -Association of International Educators- is the world’s largest nonprofit association dedicated to international education and exchange with more than 10,000 members around the world. NAFSA believes that international education advances understanding and respect among people of diverse cultures and perspectives and is essential for developing globally competent individuals.

The research team of the Program for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences of ADELA – (Area of Latin American Studies) FLACSO and CIEE Buenos Aires, presented their poster “Interculturalism: Can it Really Be Achieved Through Study Abroad Programs?” at the conference on Wednesday, June 1st.


The poster is the product of research based on 152 interviews to CIEE-FLACSO international students, which aimed to analyze the gap between expectations of building cross-cultural bonds and the bonds that were actually established during the Student Exchange.


The poster was presented by Dr. Karina Felitti (UBA- CONICET- ADELA Researcher) and Lic. Leandro Gomez (FLACSO – CIEE Researcher) who represented the Latin American Studies Area of FLACSO Argentina and CIEE respectively.

Both activities were aimed to present the research results that are being developed in the area, to begin discussions and to conceptualize issues in the frame of International Education from the perspective of the “Global South”.