Global Capital and Social Difference

Sujatha, V. (Ed.) (2020). Global capital and social difference. Nueva Delhi: Routledge India. Incluye capítulos de Gastón Fulquet, Pia Marchegiani, Lucas Christel, Alejandro Pelfini y Patricia Ferrante.

Book Description

This volume offers insights into ongoing global socioeconomic transformations by directing attention to the significance of labour, work, craft, community, social institutions, social movements and emergent subjectivities in different parts of the world. This is in contrast to theories that project globalisation as a process driven exclusively by global capital and technology, a scheme in which some parts of the world forever will be ‘peripheries’ supplying labour and natural resources, the lives and work of those people purged of originality, meaning and value by the very construct that describes them. Together the chapters in the book present a nonessentialist and non-linear reading of global transformations by examining the relations and adaptations between economy, polity and society, which eemains a fundamentally unresolved question in the social sciences.

Combining a wealth of conceptual and empirical investigations, this book will be of interest to scholars and researchers of sociology, globalisation studies, anthropology, economics, development studies and area studies.

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