Webinar: “Participación de los niños en la acción y aprendizaje para la nutrición”

El Programa de Ciencias Sociales y Salud, integrante del Área de Desarrollo Humano y Salud de FLACSO invitan al webinar sobre Participación de los niños en la acción y aprendizaje para la nutrición.

Esta actividad se incorpora en las acciones de Cooperación de FLACSO Argentina en la promoción de la salud infantil a nivel global mediante la promoción de redes colaborativas de acceso a la información en salud.

La actividad será en inglés.

Para acceder al webinar, utilizar el siguiente enlace: https://flacso.adobeconnect.com/chifa

On the 18th of May, CHIFA will be holding a webinar on Children’s Participation in Action and Learning for Nutrition (PCAAN), a program run by Children for Health in partnership with the Government of Mozambique. This event is free.

Time of the webinar:

13.00 GMT / 9.00 New York / 10.00 Buenos Aires, Río de Janeiro / 13.00 Accra / 14.00 London / 15.00 Johannesburg / 16.00 Istanbul / 18.00 Islamabad / 20.00 Jakarta / 21.00 Beijing / 22.00 Tokyo / 23:00 Sydney.


In some districts of Mozambique, 44% of all children under 5 suffer from chronic malnutrition. Children for Health understands that school-going children are often carers of these young children and can be mobilised to learn about and address nutrition problems and influence family nutrition practices. Therefore, Children for Health has been working with educators at all levels to embed a participatory approach to nutrition education in 15 primary schools in Mozambique. The approach has been shown to have a positive impact on food choices, breastfeeding and hygiene practices.

In this webinar:

Clare and Bibiche will give an overview of the PCAAN programme and the innovative training methods it uses, and set out the findings from a 2016 evaluation of the PCAAN programme.


Clare Hanbury (Founder and CEO of Children for Health) is first and foremost a practitioner, and is an expert in developing simple, effective child health information and in promoting children’s participation in health. Since starting her career as a classroom teacher in Kenya and Hong Kong, she has worked with organisations such as The Child-to-Child Trust, several African Ministries of Health and Education, UNICEF, UNESCO, Save the Children, the UBS Optimus Foundation, The Government of Denmark (DANIDA), Save the Children UK and USA, Learning for Life UK, and the School Health and Nutrition Network’s FRESH initiative funded by the World Bank. Clare has written or contributed to numerous publications.

Bibiche Mwalutshie Sangwa is a language teacher, trainer and development consultant. She taught English & French for more than 15 years in DRCongo and Mozambique, and worked as an adviser to the Danish Embassy in Mozambique on the Multi-Sectorial Plan for Reducing Chronic Malnutrition. Bibiche has played a key role in coordinating, supporting and designing the PCCAN programme and its pedagogical resources, and has worked with Children for Health to study, test, analyse and evaluate the capacity and influence of children as nutrition activists. Bibiche was one of two winners of the inaugural Children for Health Outstanding Partners prize 2015.

Although it is not required to register beforehand, we would appreciate it if you could indicate if you are planning to attend the webinar by signing up through Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/webinar-on-childrens-participation-for-action-and-learning-tickets-34515109622

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