Human Rights, Social Justice, and Intercultural Learning Internship

Pasantía en Derechos Humanos, Justicia Social e Interculturalidad.
L.A.S.O.S. Program

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Buenos Aires Intensive Seminar

Since the second semester of 2022, the internship will offer an optional ten-day intensive seminar in Buenos Aires. This seminar will have a separate plan linked with the contents and themes covered during the online version to provide a unique, immersive experience. The Educational Fee includes airport group pick-up, emergency card, local transportation card, local staff, emergency line 24/7 available, allocation with one meal per day, co-curricular activities, cultural activities, one-day excursion, reading materials, and guest lectures, institutional & institutional & banking fees.

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Intensive Seminar (Ten Days) : U$S 1.560

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